Thursday, October 25, 2007


The Camptown Shakers got us started, playing several songs with such mastery before the screen was lowered. Awesome!

The picture was gorgeous, sound brilliant until the dvd stalled in the fancy state-of-the art equipment. Then it stalled again so machines were changed and the aspect ratio was off. 3rd stall was when I came down from the balcony where I'd been hiding to put heads together with Sophia and figure out what to do next. It seemed like a disaster, but ...

We moved most of the group to the basement of Wismer Hall cafeteria, where we booted the tv watchers, and popped the dvd into the workhorse there. Thanks Tara! There was a huge yellow spot in the center of the projected image, people ordering food, clanking dishes .... you get the picture ... and it was amazing! The audience stayed with us even through that racket. Still laughed at the fart joke. Lemons into lemonade. Thank you, Ursinus ... we had a great time!!!