Wednesday, October 29, 2008


And to Two Boots Pioneer as well. Such a charming venue. A great receptive audience came out in the torrential rain. We are grateful for your time and thoughtful questions.

And thanks to the cast and crew who continue to show up! You rock!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

NYWIFT/CWNY Screening OCT 28

A reminder:

NYWIFT/CineWomen Screening Series
presents Racing Daylight

Sophia Raab, Producer, Nicole Quinn, Director
Tuesday, October 28
6:30 PM
Two Boots Pioneer Theater
155 East 3rd Street
(between Avenues A and B)
$6.50 CWNY/NYWIFT/IFP members
(must show membership card)
and Students/Groups/Pioneer members
$10.00 General Public
Buy Tix at

or call 800-595-4849

Cash only at the box office.
Afterparty at:
9 Avenue A
(bet 1st & 2nd Streets)
Free Pizza / Cash Bar
Happy Hour Specials
$5 Beer, $6 Wine/Well Drinks
$2 off Specialty Cocktails
Attending the Q&A following the screening: Director/writer Nicole Quinn, producer Sophia Raab, director of photography Stephen Harris, editor Jamie Kirkpatrick, composer Sarah Plant and cast member(s)
Racing Daylight is a ghost story, a murder mystery and a love story which crosses time. What happens when time collides? Sadie thinks she's going insane. Edmund's sure he's being haunted. And Henry, well Henry's racing daylight.

Told as three short movies Racing Daylight is the story of Sadie Stokes (Melissa Leo) who's returned to the family farm to care for her catatonic Grandma (Leclanche Durand). There have always been Stokes in Cedarsville. Sadie and Grandma are the last. Sadie's life has been pretty colorless until the man appears in the mirror calls her "Anna!" and then fades away. As Sadie takes on the characteristics of her ancestor, Anna Stokes, she realizes that they both want the same thing, they both want Henry (David Strathairn) the farm's idiosyncratic handyman/civil war junkie. Only Anna thinks Henry is her long lost Harry (David Strathairn).

This magical love story of hope and forgiveness is set against the backdrop of the Hudson River Valley, with light that glows from the inside out, and specifically the Shawangunk Ridge; home to Revolutionary war battles, the Underground Railroad, Native Americans and Dutch settlers.

Academy Award Nominee David Strathairn (Goodnight and Good Luck) stars opposite Melissa Leo (The 3 Burials of Malquiades Estrada, 21Grams) and Leclanche Durand (Sleepless in Seattle), along with Sabrina Lloyd (Sports Night, Ed, Sliders), Jason Downs (Hairspray, Clara's Heart), Giancarlo Esposito (The Usual Suspects, Do the Right Thing) Denny Dillon (Dream On, Saturday Night Live), and John Seidman (Jeffrey) in this love story which crosses time.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Thanks for inviting us!

S.N.O.B. Invited us to become friends and to submit our film through MYSPACE. It proves it works, this self-promoter friendly medium, the internet.

As independent filmmakers, with product to sell, niche markets to woo, we're always looking for event screens. We don't have a P&A budget, which we will have the next time around, enough at least for a stockpile of screeners and niche festival entry fees.

That's been our great revelation. If you're not married to the traditional model of theatrical release, and then on to ancillary markets, and are clear about where and who you think your audience is, (especially if your film straddles genres) you can drive your film towards that audience, see if it flies, sort of test drive it for potential distributors.

Straight to DVD is not the failure it once was. It used to be 'actors' wouldn't do tv, it was seen as a a comedown. Now some of the best work is on tv. The advent of cable as a player forced a more competitive market. If theatrical is only the commercial (taking into account the blockbuster exceptions and Hollywood accounting), the independent filmmaker only inflates the cost of the film by venturing there, and yet needs the exposure in order compete for viewers. So much product, so many choices.

The internet and its social interacting networks have become clear avenues of distributing information to niche consumers.

Grass roots audience building for us. And until the walls of restricted access are built, one can still pioneer in cyberspace.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Vanguard Cinema International will be releasing RACING DAYLIGHT on dvd in the U.S. and Canada December 23rd!

We have just signed a worldwide contract with Vanguard and are delighted to be seen around the world on Vanguard's arm. We are honored by their faith in our title and by the credibility this lovely label affords us. onward!