Friday, April 18, 2008


"I loved this film - there is just no other way to say it. Told from the perspectives of different characters and spanning different time periods, it tells a love story that lasts through the ages. But romance is only the beginning. There is also intrigue, murder, supernatural incidents, and ultimately the truth of a buried family story. Racing Daylight was a beautiful story that was artfully told with amazing photography and a wonderful soundtrack. It also helped that we were watching it on the beach, so anytime water was featured on screen, there was a natural soundtrack of waves gently crashing only 20 feet away." Anita Havel

It was indeed a lovely way to watch a movie, on the beach. Thank you, Anita!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


“The best movies are always about character development and storytelling; Racing Daylight excels at both. This visually attractive, carefully crafted film keeps viewers guessing, lifts their spirits and transports them through time. David Strathairn and Melissa Leo deliver memorable performances. This audience-pleasing film stands-out and deserves wide distribution.” Thomas Baker, Ph.D., Coordinator, The Accolade,

Thank you Thomas Baker Ph.D.

Audiences are responding to RACING DAYLIGHT!

We opened the first romance film festival, the FAIRHOPE FILM FESTIVAL in Fairhope, Alabama the inspiration of Ryan Robinson and his brother Brad. Opening night was on a huge screen on the beach. A crowd arrived with picnics and open minds. Many seniors were glad to see a pastime recreated in the movies on the beach, which was a regular event before WWII. It was lovely. We are so proud to have been included in this innovative niche event and even prouder to have won their first GRAND JURY PRIZE.

We moved onto Miami Florida for the WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL which screened 100 films by for and about women in 10 days. Women filmmakers from all over the world were represented in a mix of issues and celebration. With so many quality films we were surprised and honored to receive the BEST U.S.A. NARRATIVE FEATURE PRIZE.

RACING DAYLIGHT been invited to accompany the WOMEN'S INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL to Liverpool, England in October where we will participate in the city's year long events as the 2008 EU Cultural Capital.

Thank you to all of those who voted for us. To those who took the time to view our film in its entirety and found the pot of gold at t'other end. We like to think of our 'not edgy' film as seduction versus rape. If you like foreplay, chances are good you'll get this film.