Thursday, June 12, 2008


We've applied to the IFP for a NYSCA regrant to aid in the distribution of our film-that-could. We've learned so much on this journey, most of it related to optimism and faith in the ability of the little guy to survive in a rowboat with ocean liners on all sides. Our grassroots summer screening tour is about to get into full swing and we're excited about the many and diverse venues we have lined up.

To all of you who have offered up your living rooms and backyards, to all of the film folk who have offered us a hand, we thank you. If you find yourself near the Childrens Media Project in Poughkeepsie or Round Lake near Saratoga, or around the corner from the Film Lounge in London, perhaps at a backyard BBQ in Westchester, Connecticut, Ulster county, or New Jersey come on in and say hello. We will also be found at the NUYORICAN POETS CAFE in the East Village where we hope to hold our DVD launch in the fall.

Tildy Davenport, a local civic leader, has asked when she can buy dvds of RACING DAYLIGHT

"I want to give it to everyone for Christmas." she told me.

We'll be on DVD in the fall and are grateful to the growing fan base who want to share the spirit of love across time with their loved ones. As a collective of artists the only way we will pay our deferred crew is to sell, sell, sell this dvd, and all of the support and encouragment has put wind in our sails. I know, it was a rowboat, but now it has sails too!

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