Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tuesday February 7, we debut on Showtime! Okay it's at 6am, but I'll be up with Ferris the 15 year old Jack Russell who rules my life. If you have a chance to log in to Showtime and give us some stars, please do. It will help us get re-upped for another cycle! Maybe we can actually pay everyone's deferral. That's my dream----------------- UPDATES: Right now the outrageously talented Denny Dillon is at the Hartford Stage Co. in BOEING-BOEING
She's also the fearless leader of IMROV NATION, which will be performing at Shadowland in Ellenville March 31st.
The Improv Nation company includes in top photo: David Smilow (Confederate soldier who kills Strathairn's Harry in Racing daylight), Denny Dillon (the Gossip in R.D.), Nicole Quinn (me), Sophia Raab Downs (producer of Racing Daylight), and Jason Downs (Edmund). In the lower photo are all of the above, along with Davis Hall, (doctor in Racing Daylight) and his lovely wife Ingrid Price (costume designer Racing Daylight)and Mikhail Horowitz, latter-day beat-poet extraordinaire, as well as Laura Shaine (author of Sleeping Arrangements, Dreams of Rescue and A Place in the Country, as well as penning an authorized biography of Melissa Leo). All in the family.----------------------------- Jason Downs will be bringing his one-man show "Why Aren't I Famous" to the Shadowland stage mid-March 2012.-------------------------------------------------------------- David Strathairn has been busy filming LINCOLN, with Steven Spielberg, as Secretary of State William Seward. He's also been gracing the small screen as Dr. Lee Rosen on sci-fi channel's ALPHAS
Today I'm off to the Rosendale Theatre with my dear friends Annette Finestone, age 95 and rockin' it, Sophia and Jason to see the wonderful monologue show TMI
Which sold out both Friday and Saturday night shows! I'm so glad I have tickets in advance.---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Look for more trivia and updates next week, when we'll focus on the crew of RACING DAYLIGHT.

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