Monday, May 14, 2012

Nico Narrates Audiobooks!

Little more than a year ago I set out to make a dream come true.  I wanted to narrate audiobooks.

First I won a contest to read several small parts on the 10th anniversary issue of Neil Gaiman's AMERICAN GODS, nominated for Audiobook of the year by the Audies.   Thanks to all of you who helped me stay in the top 20!

Then I studied with Paul Ruben at Tribeca Audio and made a demo.  I loaded the samples up on ACX and sent them off to the all of the audiobook producers Paul recommended.

It's been ACX all the way!  I posted auditions, and I'm recording my 3rd book!

The first one went on sale at Audible just today, tomorrow it's Itunes and Amazon.

But seriously, if you like the cyberpunk genre, and a sassy, takes no-prisoners, heroine, STREET:EMPATHY by Ryan A Span  might be the listen for you!!!!!!!

Courtney Milan's NY Times bestselling UNRAVELED is out next.  UNRAVELED is the last in a series about brothers raised by an insane mother.  A Dickensian cast of characters, it was a blast to read.  I laughed and I even cried recording this one.

Now, I'm on a novella DALSTON JUNCTION  by Meilin Miranda.  Victorian "baby farming" with a sci-fi twist.

Then it's on to books I'm licensing myself.  I figure most of women's history is in novel form.  I'm starting with DESIREE by Annemarie Selinko. 

Then with luck I'll be moving on to QUEEN OF LAST HOPES: MARGARET OF ANJOU.  

If you have any favorites, along these lines, that have not already been published in audiobook form, please let me know.  and thanks again for helping me make my dreams come true.


ps - i've started a new blog: NicoleQuinnNarrates!

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