Thursday, June 14, 2012

Improv Nation In Saugerties this Saturday!

We've been meeting at Jason and Sophia's house to rehearse.  Their kids hang out with a mother's helper while we play games in the living room, overlooking Farmer Gill's corn fields.

People often chuckle when I tell them I have an improv rehearsal.  It does seem an oxymoron, (love that word!), but actually we play games together.  Improv is agreeing, and we ALL need to practice that, in this conflict driven world.  Maybe that's why it's often funny, because no one expects any one else to agree.  Interesting thought.

Improv is also about trust, so when we rehearse we reinforce the fact that the only net we have is each other.  Hm...

We're performing in a new space - SAUGERTIES PERFORMING ARTS FACTORY.

Hope we see you there!

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