Monday, October 22, 2012

most recent netflix review

I have to wonder.  I am sorry it doesn't make sense to you, but to state it as if it didn't make sense to any one else, is odd.  

 one star

If you want to watch a movie that makes sense and accurately portrays human interactions, don't watch this one. I think that the idea of what I think the movie is about is interesting and had a lot of promise, but the fact that I'm still not quite sure what the movie is about after watching it says it all. Melissa Leo is a wonderful actress, but in all honesty she was miscast in this, as a much younger woman I feel would be more appropriate for the character. She is quite literally old enough to be one of her romantic lead's mother, and I'm not against an older woman-younger man story, but they're presented as close in age to one another. This movie seems like it was made from a story that still needed some serious ironing-out when whoever filmed it got ahold of it. It's like it was made from various notes that hadn't even been written into a first draft yet. I love me some David Strathairn, but he should have known better when he read the script. In all honesty, this is one clusterf**k of a movie.

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