Saturday, January 26, 2013

New and Nice Netflix Review! 4*

You have to hang in there until the final story of the three intertwined vignettes in this movie to tie everything together. It will be a trying voyage at times but it's worth the trip. In the final story, Henry's seemingly out-of-touch behavior throughout, and Sadie's apparent insanity, become something else entirely and it all makes sense and isn't really about time travel or the supernatural except for a tinge. It is a very complex plot that in the end ties up very nicely with a satisfying ending, not the weird "art film non-ending" you expect you're going to end up getting stuck with. To explain all that more clearly would ruin the story and the ending. After "Henry's" story, which has a couple real twists (don't wander into the kitchen and miss the pivotal short scenes), it all comes together, makes sense, and is a really great story and movie.

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