Monday, December 3, 2007


I LOVED this screening! For many reasons, not the least of which that we screened from tape and not dvd.

Since July when the Marbletown Democrats screened our film on dvd, it has been a nightmare to sit in the audience. The color calibrations are off and the technology, DVD, is unreliable projector to projector. Lots of skipping and poor color calibration and dirty sound heads have made for some pretty woeful viewings, nerve wracking too.

But wonderful Sophia, having been with me on the last two fiascos, where folks have still enjoyed the film and stayed despite the quality issues, was not going to have that experience again. The amazing woman contacted our local hero, Jason Martin, who hooked us up with his friend Kale to rent a mini-dv player. She contacted Anthony, a techno-wizard at UCCC and between them they plugged in our rented player to his perfectly calibrated projector and watched the film as it was intended to be seen with our incredible sound/music playing out of state-of-the-art speakers.

We will NEVER screen from a DVD again!

The audience were people I knew, many of them, in so many different areas of my life. People with whom I sit on the boards of the Library and its foundation, moms with whom I have sat on basketballl bleechers forever who are also intriquing and inspiring artists and individuals, members of our Actors&Writers audience, who have come because they like my work, and a woman I'm hoping will be our entertainment attorney, Jackie Borock, who is new to the area and a boon to our burgeoning film community.

This was an audience that came wanting to like this film, and they did. The questions were so insightful. so clearly steeped in the metaphors and the deeper meanings inherent in this quirky ramble. I am so excited by the human responses to what we have wrought. This film works! Repeatedly we see that it delights and it pays off. So funny and pleasing that. I've always thought of myself as so 'out there' conceptually, but I see from these screenings we're having across the country that I'm not so 'out-there' alone.

Thanks to Jaf Farkas, our art director and Sarah Plant, composer, for coming along as part of the home team. Onward!

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