Sunday, September 23, 2012

Recent Netflix reviews

racing daylight

I have always been interested in the American Civil War, ghost stories and romance that includes both. The information about this movie really caught my eye. I was not disappointed.

What a gem! I hadn't seen Melissa Leo in films in the past but found her performance compelling and whimsical. The film was a bit hard to follow but it didn't matter since I was so captivated by the characters and the sweetness of the story. Stayed with me for several days, a low budget diamond in the rough.

I really liked the movie (duh, I gave it 4 stars). What I did NOT like was the awful music at the beginning. I was streaming the movie and wearing headphones. Nightmare! I thought the leading lady was very good at portraying boith Sadie and Anna. The leading man was handsome and humorous.(That he stuck by Sadie even though she was weird was touching, but not so believable). I liked the way everything was jumbled up but got together at the end--it was satisfying to me. Maybe the music was supposed to put the viewer off, thus preparing for the kaleidoscope of story fragments to come. But then they all drop into place like a game of Tetris. I just hope nothing like this ever happens to me!

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